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Edited publication
Hong Kong U Writing: An Anthology (Editor), Department of English, The University of Hong Kong (March 2006)

Book reviews
¶A review of Gillian Bickley's Moving House and Other Poems from Hong Kong inAsian Review of Books (September 2006)
¶A review of The Hong Kong Writers' Circle's Haunting Tales of Hong Kong in Asian Review of Books (February 2006)
¶A review of Eddie Tay's A Lover's Soliloquy in Asian Review of Books(January 2006)
¶"City Beat: a review of Madeleine Marie Slavick's delicate access " in Asian Review of Books (November 2004)

Short stories
"Let her go" (this story won second runner-up place in The Standard-RTHK Short Story Competition in 2005) in The Standard (Saturday, December 17, 2005)
"Summer" (pp. 2-3) in Yuan Yang Vol. 4 (2004)

Poetry (in anthologies & books)
¶"Angels" (pp. 48-49), "Disappear" (p. 122), "A painter's complaint" (p. 187) in Sweat and the City, Hong Kong Writers' Circle (March 2006)
¶"The third person" (p. 58), "To wring words from a man" (p. 61), "His T-shrits"(p. 78) in Hong Kong U Writing: An Anthology, Department of English, The University of Hong Kong (March 2006)
¶"Fragments" (pp. 27-28), "The rainwater" (pp.66-67) (translated into Chinese by Ellen Lai) in Ellen Lai's first collection of poetry & prose Except For Spider and Psychotic Woman (January 2006) 2005
¶"We walked, together but apart" (p. 32), "Amid the scattered paper" (p. 42) inPoetry Live!, Chameleon Press (HK, 2005)

Poetry (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)
¶"Languages"Reprint (p. 433) in Taj Mahal Review (India, Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2006)
¶"The Vowel" (p. 10) in Poetry Monthly Magazine (UK, Issue#128, November 2006)
"Untitled" in APWN HK Issue "The Fifty Shrinking Years" (November 2006)
¶"The comfort of strangers"Reprint (p. 16) in The Cannon's Mouth (UK, Issue#21, September 2006)
¶"Languages" (p. 158), "Butterfly pin"Reprint (p. 159), "The comfort of strangers"Reprint (p. 160), "Ring fingers"Reprint (p. 161) in Asia Literary Review Vol. 2 (Hong Kong, Summer 2006)
¶"An equation for a returning husband" (p. 82), "Cruel yet full of expectancy" (p. 83) in Living in Thailand (Vol. 32, No. 10, October 2006)
"The Rainwater" in HiNgE (Volume 7, Issue 3: October 2006, The Autumn Issue)
"I know what you did" (p. 25), "John gave Rachel a book" (p. 26) in Pressed (Taiwan, Autumn 2006)
"Butterfly", "The comfort of strangers", "Reasons to love", "Fog, Hong Kong", "Stolen"in Sentinel Poetry Online (UK, Issue#46, September 2006)
¶"Ten poems" ("Time", "The person", "Years", "The way to tame you", "My birthday", "Nothing but this", "The man who distracts me from reading", "The world of reality", "Romantic life", "When your hands") in Snakeskin Poetry (UK, Issue#127, September 2006)
"Inside the train" in Right Hand Pointing (Issue#12, September 2006)
¶"Ring fingers" (p. 7) in filling station (Canada, issue#37, 2006)
¶"Laundry", "The thesaurus" in Word Salad Poetry Magazine (2006 Edition)
¶"Living" (p. 5) in Poetry Monthly Magazine (UK, Issue#125, August 2006)
¶"Our breasts" (p. 162), "Your beard" (p. 163), "My vagina" (p. 164), "His penis" (p. 166) (English original by me; Chinese translation by Tommy Tse) in Fe/male Bodies: the First Asia-based Bilingual Bookazine on Body, Gender and Sexuality Vol.2 (HK, July 2006)
¶"Newest, hottest, tallest, the most London" (p. 55) in Poetry NZ (New Zealand, Issue#32, 2006)2005
¶"The vacuum cleaner" (p. 2) in Poetry Monthly Magazine (UK, Issue#116, November 2005)
¶"Friday" (p. 19), "Evening" (p. 19) in Pressed (Taiwan, September 2005)
¶"Red lips" (p. 34) in Borderlines Poetry Magazine (Wales, Issue#36, Summer 2005)2001
"I" pdf (p. 9), "Sweet heart" pdf (p. 51) in Yuan Yang, Vol. 2 (HK, 2001)